WooCommerce Plugin

How to install OurPass on WordPress

Install OurPass Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress site in the format


2. On your WordPress admin dashboard, locate the Plugins on the left sidebar . Click Plugins > Add New.

3. To Install OurPass checkout, search the plugin directory using the keyword “OurPass”. Click on Install Now to install OurPass Checkout.

5. Click Activate. OurPass checkout has been turn on.

6. Login to your created OurPass Business dashboard or create an account

7. Got to settings page and click API keys and Web-hooks

8. Copy the Live Keys. Login to your WordPress site and paste them below and save changes.

Your WordPress site is ready to accept payments in one click!

Other options

Test Mode

When test mode is enabled, only logged-in admin users will see the OurPass Checkout button. After testing, if you are ready to make OurPass live to your customers, uncheck the test mode and save changes.

Debug Mode

This helps developers who want to troubleshoot OurPass Checkout. Ensure to save changes afterwards.

OurPass Checkout Button Positions

Before Quantity Selection

After Quantity Selection

After Add to Cart

Hiding Buttons for Specific Products

Checkout Redirect page

Selecting Button Size

We have made available 3 button types which include default, compact and large.

Check OurPass Checkout Button for more context

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