Quick Start Guide🚓

OurPass allows businesses to receive payments from his buyer/customer via our one-click checkout button. For every-time a transaction is initiated to checkout on a purchase, Our Inline/plugin/package pops up a screen to input email and password of the customer.

Get started by creating a business/merchant account here

The next step is to get your API Keys

In order for you to make an API call from our endpoints, you will have to access your API key on your business account. Go to your settings on your business account and click on API Keys and Web-hooks to copy your live public key and secret keys.

The secret/public key looks like this.


Do not commit your secret keys to git or use it on client side , Your key is not meant to be disclosed to anyone (public). Secret keys should only ever be used on the server. In a situation where your key is compromised, do generate a new key and replace it on your code immediately.

Secret Key: this is your unique secret key obtained from the OurPass business dashboard that gives you access to our endpoints.

To start accepting payments, click here

Access our SDKs and Plugins here

Check our product pricing for more details.

We charge businesses/merchants 1.4%. Local transactions fees are capped at NGN 2,000, meaning that is the absolute maximum you will ever pay in fees per transaction.

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