AdobeCommerce Plugin

The Adobe Commerce/Magento plugin allows the acceptance of one-click payments from shoppers for magento store owners.

Install OurPass on Adobe Commerce/Magento

Download the code and install it on your Adobe Commerce/Magento account to get everything rolling! The most recent adaptation of the OurPass Module for Magento is freely accessible at

Login to your Adobe Commerce/Magento account

On your Magento admin dashboard, locate the Stores on the left sidebar .

  1. Click on Configuration and navigate to Services

2. Click on OurPass Checkout

NB: Go back to get your API Keys

Connect your OurPass business/merchant account to your Magento site

Login to your created OurPass business/merchant dashboard or create an account

3. Got to settings page and click

API keys and Web-hooks

Copy the Live Keys. Login to your Magento account and paste them below and save changes.

Other options

Enable Mode

When enable mode is selected as YES, only logged-in admin users will see the OurPass Checkout button. If you are ready to make OurPass live to your customers, select NO and save changes.

Debug Mode

This helps developers who want to troubleshoot OurPass Checkout. Ensure to save changes afterwards.

Selecting Button Size

We have made available 3 button types which include default, compact and large.

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